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Underrated – Don Q (Fireee) #AllNEWSHIT Kodak , Nicky , 69 diss


Underrated – Don Q (Fireee) #AllNEWSHIT

On the single from the tape called No Doubt Don Q takes shot at his rap foes #KodakBlack and #6ix9ine. He say in his lyrics

I do not know bout no shootin’ or murder
I was out in Hawaii back when it occurred….. donq friend got robbed which started the kodak beef

They chasing clout, all this shit absurd
But I don’t open my mouth, I just sit and observe.. 69 asked to battle donq on hot97

Ain’t no more back and forthin’ on the media
Shit if it’s that important, put a fee on you… kodakblack had a outburst on instgram live about aboogie n donq

Get what you askin’ for you, killers come seein’ you
I seen you backin’ off, we don’t believe in you… kodak said he was drunk it was a mistake

You think you swaggin’ more, I don’t agree with you
Don’t know the Don? Go and ask Wikipedia, nigga

Don Q of HBTL releases a 6 track EP to close out the 4th quarter strong. Reeling in features from G Herbo and Q Money, and Production from Yung Lan, Young Chop & more! Play Shuffle All Download All Share