Murder Charges Against The Men Accused Of Killing BTY YoungN Dismissed

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As we previously reported, the New Orleans Police Department named Darryl Bannister Jr. and Kyron Williams Jr. in the killing of Rich Gang rapper BTY YoungN last year.

But according to, the charges against the two men have been dropped due to a lack of evidence.


“Based upon the totality of evidence available, we decided it was not prudent to proceed to trial at this time,” said  the spokesman for District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro’s office, Ken Daley.

During their investigation, police found Bannister’s cellphone at the murder scene. But he said it was stolen at a party and he was never there.  Bannister’s DNA was never found on the phone either, and he’s maintained his innocence since the beginning. At this point, prosecutors said the investigation is still open and ongoing.

Shortly after the murder, YoungN’s mother said her son was killed because others were jealous of his growing rap career.

Do you think this case will ever be solved?





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