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Cappadonna Recalls Moment When ODB Took the Mic from B.I.G. (Flashback)


In this flashback from 2013, Cappadonna from the Wu-Tang Clan recalled a number of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s most memorable moments, including when he rushed the Grammys stage to let the world know that “Wu-Tang is for the children.” The official 10th member of the legendary group explained that ODB wanted to get on stage to show off his fresh suit, while noting that Brooklyn is always going to let you know when they’re in the building. 

From there, he also recalls another ODB story when he took the mic from the Notorious B.I.G. at his own show, where Biggie then became his hype man as Ol Dirty rocked the stage. “Biggie was so amped up once Dirty started goin’ in,” Cappadonna remembers, “that Biggie forgot it was his show and was on the side just doin’ him.” With that said, he notes that if anyone else would’ve tried that with Big then there would have been some consequences and repercussions.