Dave East & Nas Restore the feeling on “NYCHA”

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Dave East & Nas Restore the feeling on “NYCHA”

[Verse 1: Dave East] We living life like we stars
Constantly medical come right out them jars
Deserve a medal for surviving these scars
I’m ducking trifling broads
The gun store ain’t seen a rifle this large
Computer thugs you niggas typing too hard
We backspace and delete a nigga
Them A list parties I never see them niggas
That weed and liquor blurry your vision
You’ll never see the picture
Don’t be defensive, L told me nigga just be consistent
From Little Caesar’s splitting
Niggas change you see ’em different
Aim for the top though
First class plane to Morocco
The change came I ain’t change
I might cop a Picasso
I’m after bags I’m eating crabs on blocks they will not go
These niggas sad
And you can smell it on me I am not broke
Roll up the nitro, only copping coke when the price low
In the Maybach told the driver follow where Artie Bike go
Learn survival before you meet your idols as far as I know
This pistol my insurance ain’t no need for calling Geico



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