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600Breezy “First Forty-8” EP 


600Breezy “First Forty-8” EP

Bazerrk is a fire track. A must hear, here are the lyrics below. share and follow

I say, this shit sound berserk
This shit sound berserk, nigga
I say, this shit sound berserk
I say, this shit sound berserk

I say I make so many dollars, I ain’t gotta have no sense
Niggas think they seen a ghost cause I’m back out here on the 6
Chopper right here on my side, I think it stand about 5’6
It’s just me, Nutso, and Forch, they pulled up on me with 5 sticks
We don’t ride in no fishbowl cause everything gotta have tint
Cause per person there’s a pole and we be smoking out the zip
3 years old, your momma’s salary, I dropped it on my wrist
I’m extravagant unlike you, I spent 3 bands on all my kicks
Open tops just like a zit, .40 got a lot of kick
Out in California, Vegas, I take the tops off all my whips
Niggas sharing hotel rooms, ain’t got no guap to get a crib
Your bitch just saw me in the club, she was drooling, get her a beer
Like a weave, these clips extend
Hollows break your fuckin’ rib
You wore that shirt so many times, it’s out of whack, it’s lookin’ thin
Baby mommas hate my guts, but yeah I still take care of my kids
They disrespect me on the net, I split her boyfriend’s fuckin’ wig
You can smell me, I’m the shit
Out of a jail, I’m kind of thick
A nigga working with the police, he look just like Porky Pig
There’s a couple hoes who pussy I’ll never ever lick
But name a bitch who ever seen me with that dick and let me hit
Baby, I’m just saying
Breezo, bitch I got them bands
He ain’t really got no money, girl, that nigga was just playing
Need some flavor cause you bland, burner on me, give a tan
Release Hoodo, he move grams
I’m dressed up, real spic and span

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Source: 600Breezy Drops “First Forty-8” EP Following Prison Release