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Kim Kardashian Responds To Drake’s Alleged Secret On Husband Kanye West (That Drizzy Smashed Kim K)


Hollywood and entertainment VIP Nick Cannon dropped in on Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” to share his insight on a few hot topics rolling around the industry this summer, and landed on none other than one of the largest ones: the very complicated, very triangular relationship between Kanye WestPusha T and Drake.

According to the Wild ‘N Out host, Kanye’s interference between King Push and the 6 God’s fiery rap feud was “whack,” and he was among the dozens of beef bystanders who wanted Drizzy to hit back after Pusha’s scathing “Story of Adidon” diss track. To jog your memories, Kanye and Drake’s big homie, J. Prince, forced a cease-and-desist on the rap warfare, which ‘Ye argued for in honor of peace and harmony among the men, especially before their war of words got way out of hand.

Nick’s speculation holds, however, that something lies much deeper beneath Kanye’s call for the peace treaty, and it could have something to do with a secret Drake is holding over the Kardashians’ blonde heads.

  1. “THAT SH** WAS WHACK,” NICK SAID AFTER NADESKA ASKED ABOUT KANYE ENDING THE FEUDElsewhere in the conversation, he said that Drake’s “Duppy (Freestyle)” diss song and rollout was better. But ultimately, Pusha “came at his neck like a rapper, and Drake didn’t come back like a rapper.” Thus, it’s Drake: 0 and Pusha: 1 on Nick’s scoreboard.
  2. UNSURPRISINGLY, AKADEMIKS IS THE ONE WHO BRINGS UP THAT HE BELIEVES DRAKE SLEPT WITH ‘YE’S WIFE, KIM KARDASHIAN, AT SOME POINT IN THE PAST“That ain’t that far off of a concept!” Nick seconded Akademiks’ sentiments. “There’s something real personal Drake holds over that whole [Kardashian] family, and he’s like y’all don’t want me to let this out…”

    He’s not exactly sure what that “something” might be, but for him, it might explain why Kanye was so adamant about shutting down the lyrically nuclear war between the men.